TL;DR. Ecology:3 (4). Technology:5 (5). Decentralization:4 (3). Valuation:5 (4). Rating:4/10 (4/10)

What many of us suspected have now come to pass. BridgeCoin is officially depreciating the old BCO blockchain. Proof of Work block rewards were depleted a long time ago, meaning there was no longer any incentive for miners to continue to mine as transaction fees were minimal. The PoW block reward mechanism has functioned as a...

TL;DR. Ecology:- (-). Technology:- (-). Decentralization:- (-). Valuation:- (-). Rating:1/10. Scam. (1/10. Scam.)

TL;DR. Ecology:2 (2). Technology:2 (2). Decentralization:2 (2). Valuation:3 (2). Rating:2/10 (2/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:2 (2). Technology:3 (4). Decentralization:2 (2). Valuation:3 (3). Rating:3/10 (3/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:4 (3). Technology:5 (4). Decentralization:5 (6). Valuation:6 (4). Rating:5/10 (4/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:3 (3). Technology:6 (6). Decentralization:5 (5). Valuation:6 (5). Rating:5/10 (5/10)

2018 was an interesting year to give up on old plans and workplaces just to venture deeper in to the theory and practice behind cryptocurrencies. Almost immediately, the market started reverting and throughout the year it tested lower and lower levels of what many started to perceive as a bottomless pit dug from the crypto-traders' shared delusion....

The NEO Key Maker opens up doors for loyal entities. All the rest need not bother applying.

TL;DR. Ecology:3 (3). Technology:2 (2). Decentralization:2 (2). Valuation:5 (4). Rating:3/10 (3/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:5 (3). Technology:3 (3). Decentralization:2 (2). Valuation:4 (3). Rating:4/10 (3/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:3 (4). Technology:4 (5). Decentralization:3 (4). Valuation:8 (8). Rating:5/10 (5/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:3 (3). Technology:4 (4). Decentralization:3 (3). Valuation:3 (2). Rating:3/10 (3/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:8 (8). Technology:9 (9). Decentralization:8 (8). Valuation:9 (8). Rating:9/10 (8/10)

TL;DR. Ecology:- (-). Technology:- (-). Decentralization:- (-). Valuation:- (-). Rating:1/10. Scam (1/10. Scam.)

TL;DR. Ecology:2 (3). Technology:5 (5). Decentralization:4 (3). Valuation:7 (5). Rating:5/10 (4/10)

Spinning off from my prior article on noble metals and other value protocols, this one will explore a number of other historical instances of when something unexpected and unconventional rose to become money, and in some cases even legal tender - full legal recognition of properties that enables for meeting a financial obligation. I want to show in...