Bytecoin - Update I


TL;DR. Ecology:- (-). Technology:- (-). Decentralization:- (-). Valuation:- (-). Rating:1/10. Scam (1/10. Scam.)

Time for this darling to get it's semi-annual review, and as expected it's still not pretty. Bytecoin has actually been handled in two different articles by BD Ratings, both equally damning of the current team and project as a whole. The investigation prompted angry Bytecoiners to report this Medium blog until it was temporarily suspended. Looking at the facts over the last 6 months, BD Ratings still classify Bytecoin as a scam project. Should serious changes occur to the team, it might be the future case that the coin gets an actual rating like others.

2018-04-16: USD 0.004020, Satoshis 50.

2018-10-16: USD 0.001555, Satoshis 24.

After the first and before the second article, a number of LinkedIn accounts were deleted by the Bytecoin scammers after BD Rating's exposing the inconsistencies. Since then, some further evidence have surfaced that strengthens the narrative already laid out. Assetrush CEO David Booker - a person that most likely doesn't exist - was like Jenny Goldberg using Russian emoticons multiple times previously. Jenny has refused to address this inconsistency. Meanwhile, the exposed fake Twitter accounts suddenly went silent.

It was also revealed by BD Ratings that Jenny posted fake Bytecoin meetups in Barcelona where she claims she resides. This one with 'Jenny G' as organizer and 57 registered attendees, never even happened. No address was ever posted, so obviously people could not attend anything. BD Ratings contacted one person on the attendee list, who confirmed this:

Hello, I believe it did not happen. I was waiting for the location to be announced but it never was, and people complained about it on the Meetup Comments. Would like, if possible, that you keep me updated on your investigation

The meetup comments:

It is possible that anyone doesn't know the location? It is a fake meetup?! - Teresa T
60 ppl confirmed and no one apart from us is asking about the location :/ so strange.. Idk maybe the info is somewhere else, in Telegram for example? I don't have an account so haven't check it. Anyway, given the circumstances I won't go >.< - Mariona
I already asked on telegram and I received no answer! What a pity! - Teresa T

Additionally, the Assetrush employee David Petrachini recently lied about an Assetrush-Kraken partnership - something that Jenny's Twitter account 'liked'. Kraken then firmly denied this, and no one over att the Bytecoin subreddit has addressed this grossly misleading claim.

As the Assetrush-Bytecoin connection became just too embarrassing for the hugely valuable Bytecoin project, the ties eventually were cut. BD Ratings predicts that the Bytecoin/Assetrush scammers will 'fire' Jenny as community manager to clean up the image should the community turn against her. It is however very likely that the Russian/Ukrainian persons behind Jenny's account will continue to manage the project as a whole, so BD Ratings' advice is to not fall for cosmetic changes and continue to stay far away from this cryptocurrency.