Bytecoin — Update II


TL;DR. Ecology:- (-). Technology:- (-). Decentralization:- (-). Valuation:- (-). Rating:1/10. Scam (1/10. Scam.)

6 months have passed yet again since the last published BD Ratings investigation into Bytecoin and its team. Here is how the price has changed meanwhile.

It is no surprise it has fallen. All investigations have unearthed shady activities, and it is not far fetched to believe more will be found in the future. The last article mainly detailed more inconsistencies in Jenny Goldberg's company Assetrush, with for example the CEO David Booker using Russian emoticons on Reddit. The straw seems to have broken the camel's back around that time, and Bytecoin Community Manager Jenny officially tried to cut all ties to the fake company she herself co-founded.

BD Ratings continued with the Assetrush investigation to bury that company's reputation for good. After conducting reverse image searches on Yandex the listed employees that were assumed to be fake could be proven to be just that. The breakthrough came when analyzing the Assetrush image of employee Anastasia Friedman, as seen below.

Scrolling through the reverse image search results, BD Ratings found a picture of a woman that looked similar, on a styling webpage. On that page, the original picture was found, which turned out to be Polish fashion model Małgosia Bela.

By conducting reverse image searches on other Assetrush employees, BD Ratings managed to map their faces to a real estate broker (Assetrush employee), Nick Fish from American Atheist (employee), a photographer (employee). This damning evidence made Assetrush wipe all employees from their webpage, though a few are still listed at the company on LinkedIn. Anastasia has moved on from Assetrush to a new US-registered company, ORBL, which incidentally will visit a Barcelona expo soon, and has a Spanish contact phone number listed for the event while other foreign companies do not. The number leads to Russian-speaking event organizers residing in Barcelona. These organizers focus on a number of things, among them "PR for blockchain companies". When inspecting the ORBL webpage source code, comments are written in Russian. It is of course likely that Anastasia is connected to the Jenny Goldberg Barcelona presence.

What has all this to do with Bytecoin again? Jenny Goldberg is still acting community manager for Bytecoin, and no one involved with that project have demanded any kind of explanation from her. Her twitter account was created just a week after the Assetrush twitter account (which is still active). The evidence that Jenny is responsible for the Assetrush scam is overwhelming, which means that a scammer is still in the midst of the Bytecoin project.