Money Dethroned available on Amazon


I am happy to announce that my new book, Money Dethroned, now is available on Amazon as e-book and paperback. See book description below:

What makes certain types of money better than others?

What consequences will you face when strangers suddenly mass produce your money, or when the authorities, whose very job it is to preserve monetary integrity, choose to pursue debasements and tinkering?

While little discussed today, these questions address the problems on account of which many cultures and civilizations have collapsed and perished, and despite being neglected, they are no less critical for the present. Money Dethroned is a historical journey following the travels of some of humanity's most renowned explorers, investigating the history and evolution of money through their first-hand accounts. Combining economic theory, it explores the nature of money, its notable characteristics, and how the dynamics which cause its rise and demise have shaped the course of history.