Money Dethroned II available on Amazon


I am happy to announce that the second book in my Money Dethroned series, now is available on Amazon as e-book and paperback. See book description below:

In the 18th century, economic experiments with paper money emerged in full force out of the more advanced economies of that time. Initially crude, naïve and highly dangerous, the phenomenon of inconvertible paper continued to wreak havoc in more recent centuries and is once again threatening to implode, proving that the lessons of history are hard to note over the siren call of cost-less money production.

Money Dethroned - A Journey through Ashes is the second book in the series, and follows in the footsteps of Richard F. Burton - a 19th century British spy and explorer visiting many societies in, or on the verge of, economic upheaval of various sorts, and who also documented African glass bead monies well enough to have been referenced in the first book. Combining Burton's observations with contemporary 18th- and 19th century sources, the book serves as a timely warning what may await, should discipline in upholding whatever integrity is left in the monetary system, continue to falter.