Pura — Update I


TL;DR. Ecology:- (-). Technology:- (-). Decentralization:- (-). Valuation:- (-). Rating:1/10. Scam. (1/10. Scam.)

Six months have passed since the harsh BD Ratings article on Pura. Here is how that scam has managed so far.

2018-07-27: USD 0.087521, Satoshis 1 112.

2019-01-27: USD 0.006748, Satoshis 188.

The prior scam verdict is a definitive hit so far. Let's explore what the project has been up to the last 6 months.

First off, the Pura team shut down the official bitcointalk.org thread, referring people to their webpage or Facebook instead. The old webpage has at time of writing been shut down as well as they launched a new one for some reason. No updates have been seen in the GitHub repository.

Chris Maskill who has evidently been a public speaker for Pura in the past, now seems to run a scammy healing practitioner webpage, focusing on how to 'become whole' and 'live a reconnected life'. As Pura token price continues to crash, it does look like Chris needs to get cash elsewhere through at-a-distance reconnective healing sessions, probably meaning healing through a Skype call.

In January 2019, KuCoin delisted Pura as the project failed to provide certain KYC documents. This was a heavy blow to the project as the promised HitBTC listing never even materialized. It is true that decentralized cryptocurrencies may have no central entity which can provide required details, but in this case the issue is much more likely to be the fact that Pura is a scam and so no individual wants to be the one to take the fall when the whole thing implodes.

There has been some discussions whether this Pura coin really is connected to the Pura Vida or Avalon Life MLM scams. BD Ratings concludes that there is a strong connection. The 'PURA - by AVALON LIFE' picture is obviously real. How they write the 'P' in 'Pura' is also consistent with the Pura coin this rating analysis concerns. Also, let's iterate the reference to Avalon Nation in this official Pura blog post. Browsing the Avalon Nation webpage makes it clear that the house properties they offer aren't real. Under 'location' there is no address typed down . The webpage does however provide photoshopped pictures of expensive bungalows for sale.

To conclude, the last 6 months have given BD Ratings no reason to discontinue the scam accusation. Pura is still a scam, and will continue to decline in market cap over the coming years.